Executive Chef Alex Diaczenko















"Born and Raised in Rochester  New York, Chef Alex fell in love with cooking at the age of 16. His passion for the craft began with his Mother, who spent hours in the kitchen every day, creating new recipes for his family. Spending that time with his Mother, became the driving force behind his love for simple, yet flavorful, good food.

Establishing his culinary career began at the Rochester Yacht Club, where he hustled as a busser at age 15. From there, Chef Alex's career quickly took off. Soon after high school, Chef Alex moved to Buffalo, New York, where he relentlessly honed his skills, while working with a variety of local Top Chefs. This allowed him to have a hands-on learning approach in the industry.

Chef Alex loves cooking delectable dishes, which is a direct result of his outlook on cooking: Simple. Bold. Flavorful. Honest.

Whether it's playing around with various techniques, or diving head first into all the local ingredients Western New York has to offer... these are the foundations on what keeps his love for cooking alive & palpable. 

The opportunity to help open Lucia’s On The Lake escalated his drive to take his game to the next level. After a successful few years, the owners asked him to help open their second restaurant: Dos. On The Lake. 

Chef Alex spends the majority of his time working with the staff at Dos. to make it as renowned and successful as Lucia's. When not in the kitchen, Chef Alex spends time with his beautiful, inspiring and supportive girlfriend, exploring Buffalo, and the new culinary renaissance it has to offer."

Sous Chef John Elsner 

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